I was so excited about winning these fruit roll-ups from Kelly Cooks… and Other Amazing Feats. It’s been years… and years… and years since I’ve had a fruit roll-up. 🙂
And… to make it even better – I was able to personalize these ones! I was practically stalking my mailbox waiting for these to get here.

Kelly gave me a code for a free box of fruit roll-ups. Basically – I went to myfruitrollups.com and was able to personalize it with pics, words or phrases. I decided to upload a picture of each of our dogs – Calypso and Mia.
Now whenever someone comes to our house, I make them eat one so they can see how fun they are! :p Okay – it doesn’t take much to amuse me. :p

They are all strawberry flavored, but there are about 50 in the box. So good! I feel like a little kid every time I eat one. 🙂
These would be great as a favor at a kid’s birthday party – or just as something fun around the house!