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This is a site where people go and post something that happened to them, or that they witnessed, that made them stop and think for a second.  Some are light-hearted, some heart-warming, some are more serious and may even make you angry, but they’ll all make you think, if even for just a second.

Today, as I was quietly packing my lunch for work, my husband danced into the kitchen singing a made-up song consisting of only my name over and over. When he saw me, he blushed and said, “Oh, you’re still here!” Sneaking a peak into the daily routine of someone who truly loves me makes me smile and MMT.

This one, for example, is just a sweet look into someone’s life.

Today, while riding my bike down the street, I passed two women walking on the sidewalk. One had a full grown Yorkie, the other had a toddler. The toddler was on a leash and the Yorkie was being carried. MMT

This one just makes me sad.  My parents never used a leash on myself, my brother, or my sister, and we’ve grown up into responsible, successful adults.  I’m sure there were times when they thought it might have been convenient, in a joking sort of way, but it makes me sad that now treating your child like your pet dog is almost the norm.  What ever happened to just holding their hand?

Take a look at the website.  Which ones make you think?