No – I’m not talking about alcohol.  Though I could go for a really good margarita… pomegranate flavored sounds good. 🙂

Anyway – what I’m talking about are some websites to put a smile on your face, get out some aggression, or just make you realize it’s not that bad. 🙂

One of my favorite go to websites, guaranteed to put a smile on my face, is  And while you’re there, be sure to click through the tabs at the top, especially the lolcats and loldogs.  Check them out. 🙂

And, for a really good “aaawwww” moment, check out  Seriously – if this doesn’t cheer you up at least a smidge, you should probably get checked out. ;p

Do you just need to feel better about yourself?  Maybe you just need to realize, it could be worse?  If so, check out

Today, my best friend planned a birthday party for me at the local Mexican restaurant. NO ONE showed up. We told the Mexican waiter there would be 18 arriving. Two hours later he brought me free ice cream. Even the non-english speaking waiters knew I was a loser. FML

Or maybe you just need to get out some pent-up aggression.  Pop some bubblewrap! Turn up the volume and get to it.  Pop as many sheets as you want.  If you really need, set it to manic mode. 🙂

These are some of my faves, what are some of yours?