How is it possibly February already?  Did I sleep through January?  Did the month even happen?  I feel like Christmas was just yesterday!

And tomorrow is Groundhog Day.  How much do you wanna bet we’re getting a lovely 6 more weeks of winter?

Dear Punsxutawney Phil: Please keep your eyes closed tomorrow.  I’m so over winter this year. Thank you.

And on the Groundhog Day subject… have you seen the news recently where PETA wants them to free Phil and use an robotic groundhog?

Can you imagine a robotic groundhog?  Umm… no thanks.  Honestly – Phil probably has the better life.  How many groundhogs do you see hit by cars around here?  Not Phil – he’s safely enclosed in his groundhog playground!

I don’t know – he looks pretty happy to me.  Is that a smile on his face?