I admit, I’m a pretty forgetful person.  But not usually when it comes to food.  I think about food a lot.  Honestly – you’d think I’d be about 500 pounds with how much I think about it.  Luckily, I don’t eat it as much as it’s on my mind. 🙂

Off subject… but I love that I can find an lolcat for just about any occasion. 🙂

But last night I prepped a pork roast to put in the crockpot for dinner today. Put it in the refrigerator so all I had to do was put it in the crockpot, and turn it on this morning.  Guess where the roast is… yep, you got it… still in the fridge.  Blah. :/  Luckily I’m only about 10-15 minutes away with no traffic, so I should be able to run home at lunch.  But its definitely annoying.

And, while we’re talking about fails… WTF Phil?  I thought you were going to close your eyes today! I don’t WANT six more weeks of winter!