I hate football.  *Waits for collective audience ::GASP:: to subside.*

*While I don’t like football, you gotta admit this is cute. 🙂

It’s true.  I find no real entertainment in watching the game.  And, even worse, at least in Pittsburgh… I really hate the Steelers.  *There’s that ::GASP:: again.*

I’m pretty sure it’s all the hype that surrounds them.  I get SO SICK of constantly hearing about them.  There is no getting away from it!  I was so glad they sucked this year, because I don’t think I could’ve stood another trip to the Super Bowl.  They’re talked about on every radio station, every TV station.  I get so annoyed when they’re at the top of the news.  Really?  Football is the most important story of the day?  I don’t think so. Okay, end Steelers vent. 🙂

So now the Super Bowl is coming up.. and everyone’s asking “Who are you rooting for?”  Why is it assumed that every single person in the United States must be rooting for someone in the Super Bowl?  I don’t care!!  Nor will I be hosting, or attending, a Super Bowl party.

The commercials, on the other hand, I’m all for.  If J’s not around – I will absolutely watch something else while the game’s on, and flip back for the commercials.  Their were a few stagnant years, but last year the advertisers really picked it up.  I saw a few previews for this year, and I think they’re going to be good. 🙂  (Unfortunately, I’m pretty sure J will be around and insisting on watching the game. ::sigh:: )

Some of the consistently good advertisers usually include Budweiser/Bud Light, Nationwide, Doritos, and ETrade (love the crazy baby). 🙂

I always like the Clydesdale Bud commercials.  Here’s one from last year.