I’m sure there are some readers out there going “ew, sushi, that’s so gross”.  But  sushi does not necessarily mean raw fish.  The word sushi actually refers to the rice and how it is prepared.

Therefore, you can really make a sushi roll with anything you want in it.  🙂

For those of you into the raw fish, I have to tell you, next time you’re going out for sushi, if Black Marlin is on the menu, you must try it!  This is the most delicious, melt-in-your-mouth buttery fish I’ve ever had.  I highly, highly recommend trying it out.

Today I went to our local Japanese Restaurant, Little Tokyo Bistro (IMO, the best sushi I’ve had in the area) with a sushi virgin.  It’s always a fun experience to introduce someone to sushi.

I ordered a California Roll, Boston Roll, First Date Roll (tempura fried shrimp inside, with spicy tuna on the top), and Black Marlin Nigiri.  She bravely tried the California and Boston rolls, but wasn’t quite ready to venture into raw fish yet.

She really like the California Roll, but the tobiko (tiny orange flying fish eggs) on the Boston Roll were a big turn-off for her.  Next time she promises to try something with the raw fish, though. I plan to hold her to it!  🙂  She also tried ginger for the first time in the delicious ginger dressing they use on the house salad (which I’ve found most Japanese restaurants have) and she liked that as well.

Since she is a pretty picky eater, I considered this a pretty great accomplishment.

For a long time I was one of the “ew, sushi, that’s so gross” people.  I remember the first time I tried a California Roll… I was terrified!  And it doesn’t even have raw fish in it – the scary part of it is the seaweed.

I had these thoughts in my head that raw fish and seaweed = a really fishy taste, which I hate.  I was completely off base.  I have yet to try sushi that actually does have a fishy taste.  I’ve found that most fish actually gains that fishy flavor when it’s cooked.

J refuses to eat most fish – he likes shellfish, and he’ll eat cod or your basic white fish, but that’s it. However, he likes sushi.  He’s not into it as much as me, but when we go out he’ll have a few of my pieces.

If you’ve never tried it, you should!  I bet you’ll find something you like. 🙂