Okay, I don’t have kids.  But it is a fact that there is an obesity epidemic among children in our country.  And, I admit I mostly blame the parents for that.  Too much fast food, giving in instead of putting their foot down.  Allowing their kids to sit in front on the tv, play video games or surf the web instead of making them do something active.  However, a small part of this problem also stems from school lunches.

I know there have been strides taken in recent years to step up the school lunch to a more healthy option.  There are some schools out there that do that.  However, I believe the majority have yet to take that step.

Check out this blog – Fed Up: School Lunch Project. The writer of this blog is a teacher at an unamed school.  She has decided to take one year in which she eats school lunch every day.  Check out the typical options and the pictures.  Looking at some of these pictures, I’m amazed she’s even able to choke this stuff down.

Now, I don’t remember my school lunches looking this horrible.  However, as a kid I may not have been so picky about what the food looked like, and my parents typically made us a bagged lunch, or as we got older, we’d make it ourselves, so I guess I’m not the best judge to compare.

I have to say I’m am now thankful that they did this instead of allowing us to buy our lunch every day.  I’m sure I complained and whined about it many times.  But they got us in the habit.  I now bring my lunch to work every day (with the very occasional day when I eat out).  This not only saves money, but also allows me to know exactly what I’m eating, and to keep it healthy. And I’ve gotten my husband into the habit as well.

My typical lunch is now a sandwich consisting of ham, turkey, cheese and mustard on wheat bread, yogurt, some type of fruit and occasionally pretzels or crackers. Or if we have leftovers, I’ll pack those. Much better than going across the street to Qdoba or the pizza place next door.

Anyway – back to the school lunches. Would you want to eat these meals every day? And, if not, why would you make your kids eat it?