So J and I now have Fios – TV and Internet.  We went from DirecTV (no DVR) and ‘borrowing’ my brother’s (and next door neighbor) internet (Comcast) signal, to now having extremely fast internet and TV with multi-room DVR and On Demand.

Now – we did just get this yesterday, but so far I really like it.  But I really have to get used to the changes in channel numbers.

The internet is a huge difference!!  It’s like going from a turtle to a cheetah. 🙂  I’m loving how quickly everything loads.

Hee hee – I couldn’t resist. :p

I already set up some of favorite shows on DVR – How I Met Your Mother, Mercy, The Office.  And set up my much used channels in the favorites.

The total monthly cost was less than a similar package through Comcast, and we thought about just upgrading our DirecTv to DVR – but that’s a $200 up front cost for the box – and then ordering Verizon or Comcast internet.  But that was a much higher monthly cost than what we are doing now.

I’ll keep you updated on how the service is, and if we have billing issues.  From what I can tell, billing is one of the main complaints about Verizon. But, as I said, I like it so far, and it’s fun to play with some of the different options they have, such as widgets, games and on demand.