Okay, so I know cab service in Pittsburgh isn’t that great.  Well… actually – public transportation as a whole in Pittsburgh is pretty much crap.  But that’s a whole other post. 🙂

J and I have tried to get cabs to pick us up at our house before, and we’ve waited upwards of an hour, until finally giving up and taking the car.  We only live about 6 miles outside of the city, but there are some times when we both just want to go out, have a few drinks and a good time, without worrying about who’s going to drive.  Pittsburgh doesn’t make this easy.

Friday night started out like that, but then I decided I wasn’t sure if I wanted to stay out that late, so we just drove.  I stayed for dinner and a drink, then left, expecting J to be getting a cab home. His friend from HS was in town for the weekend with his wife, and 2 of their friends, so I knew it would be a late night for him.

They were at this great bar about 5 minutes or less outside of the city.  I’m hesitant to name it here, because I really like it and don’t want it to become overrun.  But – since I believe I have about 5 readers, I’ll tell.  It’s Houghs.  They have over 200 beers on tap and they are sold for a great price!  Plus I think they have about 10 tvs throughout the bar so you always have one in sight for big games.

Anyway – they’re at this bar, hanging out, drinking.  Around 11:00 they decide to call a cab.  They called this early because, from experience, we know they’re not showing up in 20 minutes.

Around 12:30 – still no cab.  So they called back and were told by the dispatcher that they weren’t even sure if a cab would get there to pick them up.  Ummm… really? WTF are you talking about?  Isn’t that your job? We’re not sure if this was a weather issue (it was snowing Friday night, but roads were definitely passable) or just the ‘Houghs isn’t directly in town or the South Side, or at the airport – so you can find your own way home because its out of our way” mentality that our lovely city’s cab drivers seem to have.  Honestly – I have no idea how they stay in business.

So at 12:30 in the morning, when I’m all warm, snuggly and sound asleep in bed, my phone rings. The Ohio State ring tone, which can only mean its J. And if J is calling me when he knows I’m in bed, something’s wrong.

So he tells me about the cab, and I b!tch and moan as I drag myself out of my nice warm bed, bundle myself up and take myself out into the cold, snowy night.

Me = not a happy camper.  I like my sleep.  I do not like to be woken up.  General rule of thumb is give me an hour upon waking before attempting civil conversation.  I’m serious – I’m like a ticking time bomb in the morning.  It’s not pretty.

Anyway – I go out and pick them up – 6 of us in J’s little Ford Escape.  One of them had to sit in the very back, which was interesting, to say the least.

I had to drive his friends into town – they were staying at the Omni.  (Yeah, the Omni – where they apparently found some sort of amazing deal through Hotwire or Travelocity.  Cheaper than the Quality Inn!)  And then I drove J and I home.

Grrr… Pittsburgh cab drivers.  Grrrr…

And J now owes me.  This is definitely I card I will use, and I will use it often. 🙂