Recipe from What’s Cookin, Chicago? originally a Julie Child recipe

This one has really been making the rounds of the blogging world ever since “Julie & Julia”, the movie, came out.  I know when I watched them making this in the movie, my mouth was watering, and I’ve wanted to try it ever since.

Joelen slightly adapted the recipe from Julia Child’s original.  But her changes are very minor.  The only thing I did different from Joelen that I just cut up whole carrots, and she used baby carrots.  I’m not going to retype the recipe, as there is a lot to it.  So just click the link to view it.

This was delicious and definitely did not disappoint.  It has a great rich flavor.  The meat is incredibly tender and just about melts in your mouth.  J enjoyed it just as much as, if not more than, I did. 🙂

This does take a while to make, so make sure you have an afternoon clear.  This is why it’s taken me so long to get around to making it – just finding the time.

If you don’t have an entire afternoon free, Joelen does break it down into stages to be done over 2 days.  This may be a bit easier for you.

When I looked at Julia Child’s original recipe, it said this is commonly served with boiled potatos or buttered noodles, so I decided to serve it over buttered egg noodles that I seasoned with salt and pepper and thyme.