Sorry – these last couple of weeks have been rough.  I feel like it’s been more questions and constant waiting.  It’s exhausting.

So Mia had her u/s.  Results came back that she had nodules on her liver and spleen, and they did a needle biopsy while they did the u/s.  We were pretty freaked out.  Of course our first thought was cancer, and our vet didn’t seem very optimistic either.

Biopsy results come back and we’re told they are probably benign tumors.  That they could be cancerous, but they don’t think so.  So we’re thinking this is okay, maybe they can just remove them and everything will be fine.

So our vet refers us to a specialist because they need to do another biopsy – either via scope or surgery, to get the answers we need.

We saw him last Friday.  He tells us he actually thinks it’s liver disease, and the nodules are actually signs of the liver attempting to regenerate itself, not tumors. He recommends a surgical biopsy and another round of blood tests, just to see how her liver has been doing in the 2 weeks.

Mia went into surgery on Friday.  Doc called us that night to tell us that it is definitely liver disease, though he won’t know exactly how far progressed until the biopsy results come back.

Basically – if it’s not too far progressed, it can be managed via meds and diet.  If it is too far along, it may be a case of nothing we can do, make her as comfortable as we can for as long as we can.

It’s Tuesday now, and I’m staring at my phone willing Doc to call and give me the results.  We thought we may have had them yesterday, but no go.

Saturday we picked Mia up from the hospital.  We felt awful for her. She was beyond exhausted, but apparently in so much discomfort that she didn’t want to sit, let alone lay down.  Her eyes were closing and her body was swaying.  When she couldn’t do it anymore, she finally laid down, but maybe got 5-6 hours of sleep.

We noticed a lot of swelling, bruising and leaking around the incision, and Sunday she completely refused to eat.  So we ended up taking her back to the hospital.  They kept her overnight again, just to keep an eye on her and to give us peace of mind.

I picked her up again yesterday. The swelling was definitely somewhat reduced, and she seemed to have more energy.  Her discomfort level definitely dropped as well, as she was lying down when she needed to, before she was practically falling over.

She ate pretty well last night and this morning, though she’s being very picky about what she eats.  Pretty much sticking to chicken.

Now it’s more waiting.  I really wish my phone would ring. :/  It’s so frustrating not knowing the answers.