Well, after multiple phone calls, ending in a mini-meltdown today with the receptionist, the vet finally called with the biopsy results.  Unfortunately, it’s not what we were hoping for.

The spleen, which they removed just to be on the safe side, was benign, so we don’t have to worry about that.

The liver is cirrhotic and has a lot of scarring.  There is also some active inflammation, which is a good thing as that’s what we’re going to try to treat.

He said he’s been consulting with a cytologist to see what she thinks we can do for her.  Basically the only option that has a fighting chance is to put her on prednesone.

So I’m going to pick that up from our vet this afternoon, hopefully.  It will hopefully treat the inflammation and allow those areas of the liver to begin working correctly again.

He pretty much said the chances are not high, as there is already a lot of damage, but he definitely wouldn’t give up hope yet.

We are going to meet with the cytologist, hopefully this week.  Her receptionist should be calling today to schedule an appointment.  He’d like us to get to know her and bring her on board with the whole process.

With regards to food – he said at this point, try anything she’ll eat.  Right now it’s just important to get her fed.  She didn’t want to eat again this morning, so Jeremy had to force her again.

I haven’t post for quite a few days, so you may not know that we’ve been having a lot of trouble getting her to eat these past few days.  We’ve had to resort to force-feeding her using a syringe. I hate to do it, but she’s needs to eat.  If that’s what we have to do, then we’ll do it.

I’m a bit of an emotional wreck today. I think the worry and stress of these past few weeks, combined with the not so positive news today, has just really hit me.  Right now I’m hiding in my office with the door shut, hoping that no one wants to talk to me the rest of the day. It wouldn’t take much to put me over the edge right now.

So I guess it’s more waiting. Wait and see if the prednesone works, if we see any signs of improvement. I wish there was a definite answer, but at the same time I am glad there is still room for hope. However, I know that, very soon, I may have to prepare myself that this isn’t going to work. This is, from what I understand, the last resort.