Ha – okay, so I’m a few days late. 🙂  But I hope your holiday was a good one, and a long weekend!

Mine was busy – I feel like I didn’t stop for three days.  I could use another day to just sit back and relax.

My aunt came in to town for the weekend from New Hampshire, so we spent as much time with her as we could, as we only see her about once a year.  Lots of picnicking was involved.

Saturday we spend the day at my dad’s house, eating delicious ribs and drinking. Lots of drinking. 🙂  Sunday we drove out to the Flight 93 Memorial, which is sad and nice at the same time.  It’s still set up as the temporary memorial, but the permanent one (Phase 1) is set to open on 9/11/11. (I can’t believe it’s 10 years already!)

After that we went back to our place to hang out, watch fireworks and sit around a fire.  Then on Monday we had a girls day out – sushi, museum and ice cream – doesn’t get much better!  Then we went to our uncle’s house to hang out with the family some more.

It was a really fun weekend, but I barely feel like I was home!  I think J and I may try to take it easy this weekend coming up. 🙂

And, I didn’t work out.  Not at all.  Ugh… I’m so lazy.  And I ate like a pig.  Seriously, I feel like that’s all I did this weekend.

However, somehow, miraculously I lost .6 lbs!!  I have no clue how I managed to do that with all the crap that went into my body this weekend.  Ribs and beer (lots of it) and macaroni salad, and chicken and potatos and sushi and ice cream and pizza and cake and chips and popcorn and… I could go on.  I know – I’m disgusting. ;p

But I’m buckling down again starting today!  I did plan to get up and run this morning, as well as TurboKick tonight, but I COULD NOT drag myself out of bed.  It just wasn’t happening today until the absolute last minute.  But I will do TurboKick tonight, and I plan to run the next three days, with a soccer game on Sunday.  And hopefully I can get my lazy butt motivated Saturday and/or Sunday to get in a workout as well.

I have three weeks to the beach!  In three weeks, I can, in a healthy way, lose about six pounds.  If I work at it.  So, that’s my goal.  Six pounds in three weeks.  (Yeah, good luck to me.)

My friend E cut out carbs, sugar and cheese – I believe still is – and has been for quite a while (with a few much needed cheat days here and there, of course).  How she manages that is completely beyond me.

The sugar I could handle, with the exception of the natural sugars in fruit.  Well, after I finish the ice cream in my freezer.  My will power is little to none when there’s ice cream staring me in the face. 🙂

Carbs – ha.  No way!!  I am a self-described carboholic.  I couldn’t get through the day without them! Same with cheese – love it!  I eat a sandwich every day for lunch – carbs and cheese right there.  If I cut those out, I’m not really sure what I’d do for lunch every day.  Starve?

So – I won’t go that extreme.  If I can do well the next two weekends (because I really do eat relatively well all week), there is actually a small possibility of reaching my goal.  We’ll see. Fingers crossed!