I’m missing Mia today.  I had to call the kennel so that we can kennel Lyps, Brute and Rella when we are on vacation.

They asked about Mia right away.  We’ve been taking them there since we got her, so they know our dogs pretty well.   It was the first time I had to explain to someone who had no clue what happened.

It was just a reminder that she’s not around anymore. Not that I’ve forgotten, but it was harder than I thought to explain that she was no longer with us.  It’s only been about a month (one month exactly last Friday, actually).

I really miss her.  I am usually doing okay, but there are definitely certain times when I really notice the lack of her presence.

I found this picture on my camera just a couple days after.  I don’t remember taking, so I guess J took it.  It would have only been in her last couple of days.  Her last picture taken.  I absolutely love it and keep it as a background on my computer.  I love how she’s looking directly into the camera.