Wow – it’s 2 months today since we lost Mia.  On one hand, I feel like it was just yesterday, but on the other, if feels so long ago.  I still miss her like crazy, and think about her constantly.  I think I’ll be thinking of her even more.  The new puppy really reminds me of her in a lot of ways.

Yep – that’s right!  I said new puppy! 🙂  We’ve known we’d be getting another one when we lost Mia.  But we needed to give ourselves some time to grieve.  Lately, we’ve noticed that Lyps hasn’t quite been herself.  She has seems really lonely and a bit depressed.  So we decided it was time.  J and I were ready too.  I’ll always miss and love Mia.  Nothing will change that.  But we are very excited to have the new guy in our home.

J has had his heart set on a boxer or boxer mix.  So when we got back from vacation last week, I got to work on the internet.  We found quite a few adorable dogs that we wanted, and made some inquiries.  The first one was dog aggressive, then there were a couple who had already been adopted.  Then we found Ozzie (Joe Boxer is what he was named in the shelter).

Ozzie is a 9 month old boxer/st. bernard mix.  He’s is absolutely gorgeous, as you can see!  The rescue, New Lease on Life, is based out of Scio, OH.  They pulled him and 3 other dogs from a local pound who were set to be euthanized the following day.  It kills me that a dog as sweet and wonderful as him could’ve had that fate, and that there are dogs all over who unfortunately are not as lucky. 😦

Ozzie is really such a sweetie.  He’s extremely laid back, and he and Lyps get along great.  From the first they were playing and giving each other kisses.  On the ride home, he even fell asleep on top of her!

He’s had about 2 very brief encounters with the cats, in which he gives chase and they run.  He was fostered with a cat in the house, so he does know what they are.  Once he’s settled, we’ll do a better intro.  For now, the cats are in hiding in the laundry where their litter box and food are located.

So far, he’s not eating much.  But I spoke with the foster home, and she said it took him a few days at her home before he really started eating.  Last night and this morning I hand fed him, and he took about 1/2 of it.  J is going to stop after work to get some puppy food and some wet food.  At the moment all we have is what we feed Lyps – and we didn’t have a chance yesterday to get puppy food.  I’m hoping once he gets food that he’s used to, he’ll start eating.  He’ll learn quickly that if he doesn’t eat up, Lyps will eat it for him.

He’s not a fan of the crate.  He did go into it without a problem.  But the poor thing cried when he realized I was leaving.  Lyps is in a crate next to him, so I’m hoping that he’ll see that she is calm and relaxed, and take a cue from her.  Since the crates are under the window in our basement, I could hear him when I was outside.  I asked my brother to let me know later this morning if he’s still crying.  Hopefully he just needed time to calm down.  He was crated in the foster home, so it’s not a completely new experience for him.

He’s definitely a cuddler!  About 2:00 this morning he climbed up on the bed, and refused to get down.  I let him since it was his first night, but he’ll have to learn that dogs sleep on the floor!  They do have a full-sized mattress to sleep on.  Yeah, they’re spoiled. 🙂

He is quite the lazy butt. He plays for a few minutes, then he’s done. But that works for Lyps.  With her arthritic hips, she can only go for a few minutes so she doesn’t end up hurting the next day.  He really fits in well.  So far no sign of chewing, and he’s housebroken.  He knows sit and down as well, and the foster said he walks well on a leash.

He’s not neutered yet, but we’re taking care of that hopefully this week.  Our vet requires that they do a physical before doing any type of surgery.  That appt. is on Wednesday, and we’re hoping we can get the neuter appt. for Friday.

I’m excited to see how he starts to fit into the household, and how the cats eventually react to him staying.  🙂  I think we made the right choice!