Oops – sorry.  It’s been about 2 weeks since I last posted.  I guess I didn’t have anything interesting to write about.  Not that I do now, either. 🙂

Ozzie is doing really great with us.  Lyps and he are getting to be good friends. Brutus is very slowly starting to come around.  He and Rella have spent the last two weeks in the basement, hiding out.  Rella remains there, except, I suspect, at night when Ozzie is safely closed in our bedroom. Brutus has started venturing up the stairs more and more often.  I think he’ll soon be back full-time, and I think Rella will soon follow his lead.

He has some separation anxiety.  This weekend I bought one of those plug-ins with DAP – it’s supposed to let off a pheromone that is calming for dogs.  I’m hoping that works.  He’s not destructive, but he gets himself all worked up and upset – whining, crying and barking. I did notice when I crated them today that he did start whining, but when I went outside, I didn’t hear him anymore (usually I can, as his crate sits just under a window).  Fingers crossed it helps!  I hate leaving him when he’s so upset. 😦

On Friday night we hung out at my brother’s house and he made us Boy Scout dinner.  Meatballs, potatoes and veggies all wrapped in foil and cooked in his fire pit… delicious!!  As an appetizer, we decided to have some pizza mountains pies.  Gotta love those!  White bread, sauce, cheese and pepperoni placed in a cast iron mountain pie maker and cooked over the hot coals… YUM! 🙂  Took me back to my Girl Scouting days.

Yesterday I went with my sister to see “The Switch”.  It’s that one with Jennifer Aniston, when her best guy friend switches his ‘little swimmers’ in for the other guys ‘little swimmers’.  🙂  It was a really cute movie.  It had some really funny one-liners and the kid was absolutely adorable!

While we watched that, the boys went to see “The Expendables”.  They both said it was “all right”.  Which doesn’t seem like very high praise to me.

I’ve been spending a ton of time in the kitchen lately.  My canning list has grown to include 3 different kinds of salsa, hot sauce, 3 kinds of pickled peppers, pickles and sweet & spicy red cabbage.  Soon it will grow again to include zucchini pickles. 🙂

I’ve also filled the freezer with two kinds of stuffed cabbage (Greek and Indian) and I plan to fill it even more this weekend with some homemade spaghetti sauce.  Maybe before the summer’s over I’ll throw in some chicken noodle or vegetable soup for the cold months. It’s nice to have a stand-alone freezer!

One more random – is it just me or is construction 10 times as bad as it usually is.  We are completely surrounded!  I can’t go anywhere without running into it.  It’s driving me crazy!  I’m almost ready for November just so construction season can end!