No… not that kind of gas! 🙂


I went and filled up my gas tank this morning, and this is exactly how I felt when I saw the total cost.  $54!!  It hurts… really, physically is painful to see that. 

Obviously the price of gas is insane right now, and only going up!  So what can we do about it?  Lately I’ve seen all these articles, blog posts, etc. about how to save on gas.  But none of it really helps me (or my husband).  Let’s go through the list:

Take public transportation: Sure, if I want my commute to climb to 1.5-2 hours each way, with at least one transfer.  (No, I don’t.)

Ride a bike: I’d love to ride a bike to work, and actually looked into it a few years ago.  It was an option, but I would’ve been on some dangerous roads.  Now that our building moved even further away, it’s even less of an option.  With an already 40 minute commute, it would rise to over an hour, in addition to riding on some roads that I’m not entirely comfortable with.  (Yes, the focus is on work, because that’s about 90% of my driving each week.)

Walk more: again, I’d love to.  But let’s think about what’s feasibly in walking distance.  A gas station (shocking), a bowling alley, a deli/convenience store (okay, occasionally useful, but not enough to see any real savings… and we hardly ever go here), a Food Lion (we don’t shop here unless we only need one or two items (expensive compared to Wal-Mart), in which case J stops on his way home from work (it’s right en route) so again not much help), a few shady bars we’d prefer not to step into, a few pizza places, liquor store, banks (neither of which is our bank), and that’s pretty much it.   

Take one trip instead of multiple trips:  We don’t really shop much.  We do one grocery trip a week (and if we have to one of us will stop on the way home to pick up one or two items – typically these are en route so we’re not wasting gas).  So maybe we could do this a little more, but not much.

Buy a hybrid: Anyone want to lend me $30,000?  Maybe in 5 years when we’ve paid off our cars, but since we’re both only a little over a year into our 5-year loans, it’s not happening now.

Take care of the car: Okay, I admit this is a weakness. J is much better at the standard maintenance on his car than I am.  I just don’t think about it, but I’m trying and I’m getting better!

Then of course there are things like slow down (I’m kind of a speed demon, so could do better here), avoid stops (anyone who knows my commute would know how laughable this is), avoid idling (go into the fast food joint instead of using the drive-thru).

So, I think the point of this post is… we’re screwed.  And we’d better start shuffling the budget to make room for the continuously rising gas prices, at least until we have some better options (working closer to home or at home, able to purchase more fuel efficient vehicles, etc.) 

It does make me nervous for things like our upcoming trip to Michigan for the Nascar race.  We’ll probably have to fill up the tank 3-4 times, which takes us up to $200, just in gas, for  a 4-day weekend in which our car will not move once our destination is reached. We really look forward to weekends like this, but if the rising trend continues, we’ll have to think a lot harder about whether these trips are really feasible for us or not.  😦