I guess it’s about time for another 30 Things update.  Let’s see where we are. 🙂

1. Cook with 3 foods that I’ve never cooked with before. (One down – Pork Steaks)
2. Conquer yeast! And begin making sandwich bread weekly. Well, weekly hasn’t happened, but I do think that I’m starting to figure it out!
3. Take a cooking class.
4. Make baklava.
5. Make homemade ice cream. (Got the KA attachment for Christmas so I’m all set.)
Hasn’t happened yet, but soon, I promise!
6. Create an original recipe.

7. Pay off my credit card debt.
J and I set in place a pretty aggressive plan.  And we should be making a final payment in October!!  You have no idea how excited I am for that.
8. Build up our savings account to a month’s worth of pay. Because of the aggressive credit card plan, we haven’t really been able to save as much as we’d like.  But once our cards are paid off, we’ll be focusing on this.

9. Tell my husband I love him at least once a day.
Absolutely on track for this one. :)
10. Plan a ‘date day’ at least once a month.
We may not have planned date days, but we do seem to have them quite often!  Last month we went camping, a few weeks ago we spent the day together golfing, and in a few weeks we’ll be taking a long weekend at Gettysburg. 🙂

11. Organize all of our digital pictures, print and frame some and put others in albums. Not even on the radar
12. Landscape our front hillside. May not get done this year.  We’ll see.
13. Start to go green.  Use reusable bags, hand towels instead of paper towels, etc.  Simple changes.

14. Workout regularly (3x per week) and get to my goal weight and size.
I’m doing okay with this.  So far, this week I’ve already worked out 3 times, and I plan to go again tonight. But the weight’s not really dropping yet.  I eat too much.
15. Work up to a 5-mile run when the weather gets nicer. Not even close.  Right now it’s way too hot to even think about running outside.
16. Figure out what I really want to do with my life. ???
17. Find a job I love! 😦
18. Learn to take things in stride and stress/worry less. I think I’m doing a little better here. 
19. Write a letter to myself to open in 10 years. Not yet, but I have time!
20. Be a vegetarian for one week. Not yet, but I do try to eat meat free at least once a week.  It’s a start!
21. Anonymously help someone in need.

22. Go horseback riding.  This is planned!  We’re going to do a horseback tour of the battlefields when we’re in Gettysburg. I can’t wait!!
23. Take a spontaneous road trip. Done!
24. Learn to knit/crochet.
25. Volunteer for something I’m passionate about.
26. Go sleep-on-the-ground camping for a weekend. Done!
27. Go whitewater rafting.
28.Take more pictures.
So I obviously suck at this and decided to change it to something a bit easier.  Other than pictures for my food blog, I very rarely take any.  So I think taking more pictures works.
29. Find a creative way to make money (sell on e-bay, etsy, etc.)
30. Get a deep tissue massage.  I’ve always wanted one!