As I mentioned in my last post, we recently adopted a new addition into the family.  His name is Tucker, and we adopted him from Animal Friends in Pittsburgh. Tucker is a Shepard / Pit mix and is about 7 months old.  He’s been part of the family for almost a month  now.

We decided to adopt because, realistically speaking, Calypso may not be with us much longer.  You can see her recent update here.  Due to Ozzie’s separation anxiety, we made the decision to bring a new dog into the house now, so that Ozzie can get used to having him around before we don’t have Calypso around.

I really wanted to adopt from Animal Friends.  I just like how thorough they are about behavioral testing, spook testing, testing with other dogs and cats, and doing a meet n’ greet with dogs in the current home.  So I stalked their website for a while, and came upon Tucker (who they were calling Sosa).

He was pretty new to Animal Friends.  He was actually found in a park not too far from where we live, but in a bad neighborhood.  He was apparently abandoned there, tied up.  He was a lucky guy because a few kids took it upon themselves to walk him and make sure he had food.  After about 2 days, no one claimed him and they got him to Animal Friends.  It’s so sad, and upsets me beyond words to know that there are people out there who would just abandon an innocent animal like that.  But I am happy that there are people in this world who will  make sure he was taken care of.

Anyway – Tucker’s doing really well.  We’re still working on house training, but he’s getting much better.  He and Ozzie get along well, aside from a couple of skirmishes over food/treats.  Calypso tolerates him, and he learned pretty quickly when she’s not in the mood to be messed with.

He also does well with the cats.  He’s interested, occasionally gives chase but listens when we tell him no, but, for the most part, leaves them be.

One thing we learned last week with all of the rain is that he hates it!  I actually had to buy him a raincoat… something I never thought I’d be purchasing for my dog. 🙂

We also had to buy him a sweater.  Poor guy has almost no hair on his belly, and it’s very short all over.  So he also loves the space heater!

He’s definitely a cuddler, and follows us everywhere we go, just like Oz.

We’re pretty happy with him. I think he’s a keeper!   😉