On Friday we had to make the extremely difficult decision to return Tucker to Animal Friends.  Unfortunately, he and Ozzie just could not work out their differences, resulting in a violent fight that left Tucker with a few bite wounds around his head and neck, and a trip to the vet for staples.

Though they played well together, and otherwise seemed to get along, they would fight over objects – food / bones / etc.  So we took away all of the bones and toys, and fed them in separate rooms.  We had plans to begin working with a trainer this week to see if we could make this work.  But when Friday happened – just a piece of food dropped on the floor – we had to make this very hard decision.  Tucker, being only half Ozzie’s size, was very much at a disadvantage, and we just couldn’t risk him getting hurt anymore.  It wasn’t fair to him.

Friday was a hard day for him, which made it all the more difficult for me to let him go.  All I wanted was to cuddle him and comfort him, but I had to return him to a kennel. I know they will take good care of him there, and I’m sure he’ll find another good home.  He’s sweet, smart, super cuddly and so cute!  If you know of a responsible, caring person who is looking for a dog, he should be available for adoption at Animal Friends sometime this week, as soon as his drain and staples are removed.  I’m happy to answer any questions about him that you may have!

We believe that it was a dominance dispute.  Though Tucker immediately recognized Calypso as the Alpha, he just would not back down to Ozzie, and the situation just escalated to this point.  He got along great with Calypso at all times.  And he did very well with our cats – just sniffing with curiosity, but mostly just letting them be.  I think he’d do great with another female dog, or a submissive male.

I am heartbroken that I could not give him the home that he deserves. Walking him back into Animal Friends was horrible.  I plan to call in the next day or two to check up on him.  I know I will breathe a huge sigh of relief to hear his wounds are healing well, and he is adopted into a loving, responsible family.

We’re going to hold off for a while on getting another dog (when/if we do, we’ll look for a female).  In the meantime we are going to work with Ozzie on his training.  He does know his commands, but he gets easily distracted and doesn’t listen if he’s excited by something going on around him.  We want to get him more under our control so that he will listen no matter what the situation. Then we will adopt another dog to bring into our family.