Recently I took a class on something that I’ve wanted to learn for quite a while… knitting!  It’s just always seemed very relaxing, and I love to create new things.  It’s amazing how many things you can actually knit.

My mom and I took a beginners class at a little local knit shop called Knit One.  This was a two hour class where began to work on a scarf.  We learned the basic knit stitch, called the garter stitch, how to correct common mistakes, how to join new yarn, and how to cast off (or finish the project).

The scarf was slow going at first.  At the end of the two hours, I think I had maybe 4 inches of  a scarf.  I had a long way to go.  But I definitely can tell a difference from when I began, to when I finished the scarf.

The speed was a huge change, but the other change was just the tension in my hands as I knit.  You can really see how the tension changed by comparing one end of the scarf too the other.  The stitches in the final end of the scarf are much looser and more relaxed than when I started.

Though I do see a few mistakes in the scarf, I love it!  And I’m ready to get started on project #2 and looking forward to a Beginners Advanced class in March, where we will learn purling and knitting ‘in the round’.


For this scarf I used a US10 size circular needle with 24 stitches per row.