Lots has happened in the last two weeks… NT scan, we told my family, and we heard the heartbeat!!  Plus, I’m officially entering the second trimester. 🙂

Let’s start with the NT.  We had this appointment last Wednesday, the 7th.  It was pretty amazing how much little Murph has grown and developed in just the 6 weeks since our dating u/s.  His features are developing, and we could even count his little fingers!  At one point he was waving to us, and he was super bouncy in there.  It’s amazing how much he moves and I don’t feel a thing.  The tech said that all looked good.  I have to go in for the blood work portion in a few weeks, but looks like no worries. 🙂

Check out Murph’s second picture!


Jer and I took the day off for this one, so we decided to walk around Target checking out some baby stuff.  We actually managed to walk out without buying anything… though I was tempted. 🙂  But it’s also overwhelming – the amount of stuff there is for babies.  You really have to weed through to figure out what you actually need, and then narrow down to what specific product will work best for your lifestyle and your budget, without jeopardizing safety.

On Friday we told my Sis and BIL.  My sister apparently figured me out on the Fourth of July, so she was not quite surprised… but still super happy for us!

Saturday we had my whole family over for a picnic, saying it was to celebrate our move (coming up soon!).  I drank water from a beer bottle for a while, until everyone arrived.  After dinner, Jer and I went to change our shirts… his said ‘She’s eating for two, And I’m drinking for three’ and mine said ‘The Baby Wants Chocolate’.


With a little nudge (okay, a big nudge) from my Sis, everyone finally caught on. 🙂  And happiness and hugs ensued. 🙂

Finally, on Monday, we heard the heartbeat!  It was another awesome moment.  Murph was around 150 bpm.  It was so great to see him or her last week, and hear his or her little HB this week.  It’s really starting to feel real!

So I think maybe some of my symptoms are starting to subside… or it’s wishful thinking.  I’m not really sure. 🙂  But, in place of the constant nausea, I’m now getting almost daily headaches.  I spoke with my doc on Monday and he recommended caffeine and Tylenol.  So we stocked up on Mt. Dew and picked up some Tylenol.  But I’m hesitant to take them every day, and wait until/if it gets really bad.

Weight?  I don’t know.  According to my scale I’m at my pre-pregnancy weight, but I think my scales broke.  Really… it’s said exactly the same weight to the ounce two days in a row.  I don’t think that’s right.  And I wasn’t really paying attention on Monday at the doctor, so I’m not sure where I am.  Some days I think I’m showing, other days I think not at all, and other days I think I’m just getting fat from crappy eating.  But, so far, I’ve had no issue fitting into my normal clothes.  The longer I can put off worrying about maternity clothes, the better!

Appointments?  My next appointment is scheduled for 9/9.  I’ll need to schedule my blood work for somewhere around there, and then the anatomy scan will be just a few weeks later!  I’m kind of feeling girl, though I catch myself saying ‘he’ all the time.

This week, Murph is the size of a peach!