I obviously have not been keeping up on my weekly posts, but we’ve been busy!  We moved this weekend (more on that later), and work has been insanely busy.

But overall I’ve been feeling pretty good.  All of my appointments have gone smoothly, and she looked good in the ultrasound last week.  The biggest thing is I’m just tired.  I’m sure it’s a combination of the craziness of our life right now, combined with having a hard time getting comfortable.

I’m typically a stomach sleeper, and I’m to a point now where when I roll onto my stomach in my sleep (which I do even with one of those enormous pregnancy pillows to prop me up), I wake up because it’s not comfortable.

But… no other issues – so if tired is the worst thing, I guess I can deal. 🙂

I have a few ideas for the nursery, but nothing concrete.  I do know it will NOT include pink!!  It will end up fairly neutral, which I think would’ve happened boy or girl.

We had the ultrasound on Friday, and one of my regular appointments yesterday.  My next appointment will be the glucose screening test… ugh. Not looking forward to that one. 😦

And, finally, here are a few awful belly pics…