Ummm.. what happened to the last 6 months of our lives?  I can’t believe we’re now only 10 (give or take 1 or 2) weeks away from meeting Murph!  It’s terrifying.

I’m so not ready.  All we have in her room is a crib (no mattress) covered up with a drop cloth.  I don’t think that’s going to cut it.  Luckily I have a good amount of days to use up before next year, so I’m able to take off the week of Christmas through the New Year.  Hopefully I find time to put her room together and get some pics up for you to see.

But, if you’re wondering, here’s my plan.  Gray walls with a thick coral stripe on one wall.  I refinished and painted a large dresser (one I had growing up) and a mirror (that I found at a consignment store) in a bright turquoise color.  The dresser just needs hardware, but I love how they turned out!!  I’d like to try to find another smaller 3-drawer dresser to place in there as well by the rocker/glider (which we don’t have yet, but maybe for the shower?).  I got this great fabric from (it’s brighter coral/turquoise than it looks here).  I’m going to use this for curtains and a crib skirt.

We’re going to do rain gutter bookshelves on one wall near the glider.  Trust me, they’ll look better than they sound. 🙂  I think I’m going to paint them coral as they’ll be on the opposite wall of the stripe.  And I have some ideas for some DIY artwork.  I think that’s it.  I thought about a mobile, and I may or may not make one.  We’ll see.

In other preparation – we did a baby care basics class this week at Mercy.  It was good info, a bit overwhelming, and a bit annoying because she tended to try to push her views instead of being neutral.  But I am glad we went.  Coming up next week we have a class with Animal Friends to go over how to best acclimate our dogs to the addition of a new baby.  Then we have a cloth diapering orientation class, the hospital tour and a breast feeding class.  Might be overkill, but oh well. 🙂

And, finally, a belly pic.  This is actually from Thanksgiving – but it’s only 2 weeks ago and I refuse to believe I’ve grown much in just two weeks. 🙂