I’m 35 1/2 weeks and miserable.  I hurt, I’m tired, I’m swollen, I waddle when I walk and I’m uncomfortable.  I feel bad for J – good for him for putting up with me lately.  I don’t mean to sound like I’m not excited, or don’t feel lucky to have really had an uneventful pregnancy.  But I’m not good at feeling miserable.

My feet and ankles have started to swell throughout the day so by the end of the day it’s very difficult to put shoes on.  My right hand is swollen every morning (think blown up doctors glove), but luckily that goes down within an hour or two of waking up.  Although I do have sore joints in both hands constantly.

It appears I have sciatica so in addition to my back hurting, my right leg is numb all the time, getting worse with longer periods of walking or sitting.

I have a sharp, stabbing pain in my left rib cage that gets worse as the day progresses.  By the end of the day the only remotely comfortable way to sit is leaning back, so I’m not putting pressure on it.  But with every movement it feels like someone is digging the knife in deeper.

It’s a toss-up whether the ribs or this next one is the worst.  My pelvis / groin area hurts constantly.  It’s been hurting for a couple months, but it was really only after sitting for a long period, then standing.  But after a few steps it would loosen up. Now it hurts sitting, standing, laying.  Walking/standing is definitely worse.  I now walk like a 90 year old who just got off a horse.  Oh yeah… it’s hot. 😉

With all of this, and, of course, peeing every hour – sleep is obviously not going well.  Getting comfortable is next to impossible.  In an effort to help I have moved to the couch so that I can prop myself up.  The only way I can really fall asleep now is sitting up.

So there is my current list of woes.  End this week’s vent session. 🙂

Last week, on my 35 week mark, we began my weekly OB appointments.  Anyone who has been pregnant knows what ‘weekly’ appointments mean… not fun. : /  As of last Thursday, I was 1 cm dilated and my cervix was beginning to thin.  I know it means nothing in terms of when Murph can be here, but I guess it’s good my body has at least started the process.  I think I’m good for her arrival anytime after 2/1.  I’d say 1/30 (my 37 week mark), but we don’t have our hospital tour until 2/1, and I’d really like to do that before she gets here. 🙂

About a week ago I had a wonderful shower hosted by my sister, mom and great friend.  I’m so appreciative of them putting it together, and for everyone who was there or sent a gift for Murph.  She’s already a spoiled little girl. 🙂  The theme was ‘She’s Ready to Pop’.  Apparently there were some people who saw/heard the theme who thought I’d be offended thinking it’s because I look huge or something.  Well… I do look huge, but the theme really came about because I freakin’ love popcorn.  Really love it. 🙂  They had a popcorn station set up with all kinds of fun additions and seasonings to put on the popcorn.  Delicious.  In addition, they had popcorn chicken and shrimp, chicken poppyseed salad sandwiches, cake pops and ‘pop’ themed candies like lollipops and pop rocks (and more that I know I’m forgetting.

I wanted to forego games and the awkwardness of opening gifts, so we did a ‘naked’ shower where we asked guests not to wrap and displayed everything on a table.  And, in lieu of games, they set up 3 ‘activities’ – a onesie designing station, a name board (we still have no idea on that front) and an ‘Advice for Murph’ station for people to fill out cards with advice and wishes for Murph.  It was all a lot of fun to look at the next day.  And my sister bought a cute box to hold the advice cards so we can keep them for her to read when she’s older.  Love it!

This weekend we got most of her stuff put away, at least somewhat.  Her nursery is so close to being done!  We just have to hang the gutters (bookshelves) and get the new door put in.  Pics to come once we are done.

In addition, I spent all day yesterday cooking to stock our freezer.  We are now stocked with lasagna, enchiladas, Mexican soup, Korean beef and broccoli, and Applesauce Cinnamon and Banana Crumble muffins – all frozen in servings of 1 or 2 to make it easy for Jer and I.  Hopefully before Murph’s arrival I’ll have another chance at a marathon cooking session to put together some easy one-handed foods, like burritos, or anything baked in a muffin tin.

And, finally, I guess I owe you a belly pic. 🙂  It has been awhile.  Warning… I’m huge.  Stepping on the scale at my appointments is a very sad moment.