Today marks week 9.  I know I forgot to post last week… oh, well. 🙂  You all have about another 3 weeks, at least, before you know anything.  Please don’t ask us to do anything in that time frame, K? 🙂

The last couple weeks have been rough.  The nausea is coming on full force and I’ve had a few very rough days.

Monday was our second prenatal appointment.  It was just a few questions, symptom check and pee in a cup.  Nothing exciting. 🙂  At our next appointment on August 12, we will hear the heartbeat!

But, before that, I scheduled our NT scan for August 7.  I’ll be just over 11 weeks at that point (and hopefully the nausea will be subsiding).  It will be nice to see Murph again, but this one makes me a little nervous. Chances are everything is going great, but it’s still a bit nerve-wracking to know how many things they could potentially find, and what kind of decisions we could potentially be forced to make.

At my appointment on Monday I requested a prescription for Zofran.  It does work, but it makes me sleepy(er).  I’m already exhausted, this basically makes me a walking zombie.  But there have been some days where I really need it to get through the day.

I’m not really showing yet, but I am so bloated.  I feel disgusting.  It doesn’t help that I still haven’t worked out.  Even the act of walking through a couple of houses has me throwing up, though – or close to it.  I don’t think I’m quite ready for a work out.

Speaking of houses, we put in an offer today.  Fingers crossed!!  I actually don’t have high expectations that this one will go our way, but I’m trying to think positive.  I really want to be done with this so we can focus on moving and getting house ready for February.  I feel a little bit in a state of limbo right now.  And we really love the house – great space with all of our must-haves. Trying not to think about it.

I may start taking some belly pics next week.  We’ll see how I feel.  At the moment I have no interest in being the object of a photograph, but I’m getting my hair cut next week, and maybe my skin will start to cooperate and I’ll start to feel a bit better about how I look. I hope.

My weight seems to be staying pretty steady, despite the lack of work outs.  I guess that’s what daily vomiting and lack of appetite will do for you.

All looks good so far with Murph!  As much as all of my symptoms are making me miserable, I know they are a good sign.  Jer and I are so excited to see him (or her) again on the 7th and hear the heartbeat!

This week, we have a green olive!


Yesterday I entered Week 7.  Week 6 sucked.  On Monday, morning sickness officially started.  Prior to that, I had some minor nausea, but nothing bad.

Monday morning it came on FULL force!  Driving to work in the morning is ROUGH.  I feel like I’m battling morning sickness and car sickness.  I told my boss this week.  I’ve come in every day looking and feeling like I have a massive hangover, so I’d rather her know I’m pregnant than think I’m out drinking every night or something.  Good news is she is very happy and excited for us.

I’m living on saltines.  I try to keep some food in my stomach at all times.  Easier said than done.  But I eat a few saltines in the morning before I even sit up in bed… it seems to help a little bit.

With the worst of the nausea in the morning, I do spend the entire day feeling nauseous… it’s minor, but it’s there.

In addition – I’m TIRED!  It doesn’t seem to matter how much or little sleep I get, I’m exhausted and I have zero energy.  I really want to work out, but I can’t seem to make myself move.  It’s been about 2 weeks since I’ve done anything.

But… I have lost about 4-5 lbs.  I’m thinking it’s a mix of morning sickness and no more beer.  I miss beer.

Speaking of beer… not telling family is soooo tough!  My sister and BIL keep asking us to do stuff with them.  We love hanging out with them, but we are always doing something where we are at least having a couple of drinks.  Me not drinking = weird.  Yesterday (Fourth of July) I was able to get away with the migraine excuse, but that’s not going to fly every time.  On our way home from the picnic at their house, we literally thought up different excuses to not hang out with people the next few weekends.  I feel bad doing that, but I’m just not ready for everyone to know.

I know in post 1 I said we were waiting til 12 weeks, which is really my ideal, but if we can at least get to week 10, I’ll be happy.  That gives us just 3 more weeks to go, and at least one more appointment to make sure everything is going as it should be.

J has been great so far. He’s been reading some books on pregnancy… both a good and bad thing. 🙂  Good because he’s getting a good idea of what I’m feeling and has been good about being careful of strong smells, etc.  But he quotes the book at me.  Sometimes I just want to smack him… out of love, of course. 😉  You shouldn’t eat that many carbs, eat some veggies, you need to make sure you’re eating 5-6 times a day, and on and on.  Sometimes he just means well… sometimes he’s just saying things because he thinks he’s funny.  But he is super excited about this baby (from now on to be known as ‘Murph’… don’t ask). 🙂  So that’s been great.

Speaking of Murph, we’ll find out again how he/she is doing at our next appointment on the 15th.  Apparently, this week Murph is the size of a blueberry!


Today J and I went in for our first U/S.  It’s now seeming a bit more real!

Baby is doing well.  Heart beat of 112 bpm, with an estimated due date of February 20 – my doc guessed right!

So, today I am 6 weeks, 1 day pregnant.  Here’s our first pic of our ‘little grain of rice’… as our tech called it. 🙂


This week not much has changed with my symptoms I’m still SUPER tired.  Minor cramps.  I have occasionally had very minor nausea, but nothing bad.

I am definitely bloated, but no weight gain.

As for food, most of it is okay.  But this week I had to stop eating my usual salad at lunch.  I’m not sure if it was the vinegar dressing or something else, but it was not sitting well.  I’ll have to come up with something else for the time being.

And it looks like it will be another 6 weeks before anyone of you know any of this. 🙂

The MOMMY club!  That’s right, I’m pregnant!  I found out for sure just three days ago June 19. I’m currently in a state of disbelief.  It doesn’t really feel real yet.  I’m sure it will before too long, though.

Yep… there’s a line!


So, since I was on Provera, I have my first u/s scheduled for next Friday for dating purposes, but my doc’s guess is due date of 2/20/14.  That would put me at 5w2d today (6/21).

Oh, but when this is actually posted, I’ll be into my 2nd trimester.  We don’t plan to tell anyone until at least 12 weeks.  Sorry, family!  Of course, I’m hoping that we are able to keep the secret until then.  We may have to do a bit of friend/family avoidance for a while so they don’t get all suspicious when I’m never drinking.  Yep… dead giveaway. 🙂

So… symptoms?  Currently I just have some minor cramping and fatigue.  Hopefully this is all I get, but, knowing me, the morning sickness will kick in soon enough.  I’ll just enjoy not having it while I can.  Oh, and my face has been breaking out big time.  Hopefully this slows down soon.  I look like a hormonal teenager.

Appointments? As I mentioned above it was confirmed at my appointment on Wednesday this week. And I have my first ultrasound next Friday.

Food? So far, no food aversions or cravings or really increased hunger.  Actually, food is holding little interest for me the past few days.  If you know me, you know that’s odd.  I love food!

Weight?  No weight gain yet. It’s pretty early for that yet, but I hope it holds off for a while so it makes it easier to hide.

I think that’s about it for now.  I’ll track my progress week to week.  Just something for me to look back on.

Now we really need to get our house stuff figured out! Hopefully the BFP is just the first sign of things in our life going the way we want. 🙂

Oh, if you don’t know, we are currently trying to move.  Trying to find a house and sell ours all at the same time.  So far, neither is working out quite like we’d hoped.  But hopefully it does soon!

We are now under agreement on an amazing house in Scott Township!  Provided that all goes well with inspection, we will close on our 5-year anniversary – 9/13 – so Happy Anniversary to us! 🙂

It’s a 3-bed, 2 bath. 2-car garage, great flat yard, quiet neighborhood and tons of space! Here are a few pics 🙂



Love this entryway



The hardwood flows underneath all of the carpet, so that will come up prior to move-in.









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