Sunday: Grilled meat and potatoes

Monday: Chicken Parm

Tuesday: Korean Beef

Wednesday: Leftover Parm

Thursday: Leftover Korean beef

Friday: On my own

Saturday: Out


Sunday: Crockpot Chicken Teriyaki over Rice
Monday: Tortellini
Tuesday: On my own
Wednesday: Grilled pizza
Thursday: Leftover Teriyaki
Friday: Grilled chicken and Veg
Saturday: Out

Sunday: Mac n’ cheese with chicken

Monday: Enchiladas

Tuesday:Leftover mac n’cheese

Wednesday: Grilled something 

Thursday: Grilled something

Friday: Leftover enchiladas

Saturday: Out

Sunday: Cooking out for Father’s Day!

Monday:Sweet Potato Chicken Casserole

Tuesday:Grilled Garlic and Herbed Shrimp with herbed couscous

Wednesday: Leftover casserole

Thursday: on my own

Friday: Shrimp and couscous

Saturday: Out

Sunday: Vietnamese Summer Roll Salad

Monday: Creamy Basil Polenta with Italian Sausage Ragu

Tuesday: Leftover salad

Wednesday: Leftover polenta sausage ragu

Thursday: On my own

Friday: Pizza

Saturday: Out

Sunday: Beer can chicken

Monday: Pasta with Cream Sauce and Salmon

Tuesday: Leftover Chicken

Wednesday: Grilled Pork

Thursday: Leftover Pasta

Friday: Leftover Pork

Saturday: Dinner at Mom’s, I’m making bread

Sunday: Homemade pizza (possibly grilled)

Monday: Roasted turkey breast, veg, baked potatoes

Tuesday: Pasta

Wednesday: Leftover turkey

Thursday: On my own

Friday: Pizza