Recipe from Pennies on a Platter

I’ve tried quite a few pizza dough recipes.  They’ve all been good, but none have been that go-to recipe.  This one comes close.  It make a lot of dough.  If you like a thinner crust, it can probably be split to make 3 pizzas.  J likes a slightly thicker crust, so it was perfect for him split into 2 pizzas.  If I make it again, I’ll go thinner.

It was J’s birthday, so he chose the toppings.  He wanted prosciutto and pepperoni with fresh mozzarella.  And he wanted a square pizza.  Apparently he likes it better than round. 🙂  But I did use our stone to make another one that was half pepperoni, half mushrooms.

1/2 c warm water (about 110 degrees)
1 envelope instant yeast
1 1/4 c water, room temperature
2 T olive oil
4 c bread flour
1 1/2 t salt

Mix the yeast into the warm water in a medium bowl.  Allow yeast to dissolve and swell, 5-10 minutes, then mix in the room temperature water and olive oil.

Pour the flour and salt into the bowl of the stand mixer and mix with a paddle attachment at low speed.  Continue mixing and slowly pour in the wet ingredients.  Once dough is formed, attach the dough hook.

Knead until dough is smooth and elastic, about 5 minutes.  Brush the inside of a large bowl with olive oil. Form the dough into a ball, place into bowl, cover and let rise until doubled in size, about 2-2 1/2 hours.

Punch dough down and remove from bowl.  Heat oven (with pizza stone, if using) to 500 degrees.  Meanwhile, divide dough into two equal parts.  Cover with a clean cloth and let rest for 10 (no more than 30) minutes. If only making one pizza, you can freeze the remaining dough at this point.

Shape the dough and transfer to a pizza peel or parchment paper covered with cornmeal. Cover with desired toppings and then carefully slide onto pizza stone.  Bake about 8-12 minutes, until crust is golden brown.


Recipe from meat + potatos

I’ve seen this recipe on a couple of blogs, and was really intrigued by it.  Pizza crust made with cauliflower?  Interesting!

This was really delicious!  J loved it!  The mixture is very wet, so this does have to cook awhile.  And it is a bit of a PITA can put together, since you have to rice the cauliflower, but I think it’s worth it.

Some things I may change: I think next time I’ll use fresh cauliflower and steam it.  The frozen cauliflower had a ton of water in it.  I tried to drain it as much as I could, but it was still really wet.  I think using fresh would help a bit. 

I also discovered I really don’t like the taste of garlic powder.  I very rarely use any form of dried garlic, and now I know why.  Next time I’ll skip it and sprinkled on some minced garlic cloves when I put on the toppings.

The crust is a bit fragile.  We were able to pick it up, but we had to do it carefully or it would fall apart.  Overall, I would definitely try this again.  I think you could switch up the flavors of the crust a bit if you want, just try to keep the same ratio of dry to wet ingredients.  Maybe make it mexican with mexican blend cheese and chili powder, and plain bread crumbs!

I just did regular pizza toppings – marinara, mozzarella, pepperoni and mushrooms.

1 c riced cauliflower
1/2 c shredded cheese (I used mozzarella)
1 T Italian breadcrumbs
1 egg
1/2 t garlic powder
1 t parsley flakes

Preheat oven to 375.

Cook cauliflower according to package directions.  You want it soft but not mushy. Run it through your ricer, trying to get rid of as much water as you possibly can. (If you don’t have a ricer, a food mill works (what I used), or you can grate it.)

Measure out a cup by spooning, but not packing down, the cauliflower into a measuring cup.

Mix in the remaining ingredients.

Use a non-stick baking sheet, or place parchment paper over a baking sheet, and spray liberally with cooking spray.  Pour the mixture onto the sheet and shape into a circle.

Depending on your oven, and how wet the mixture is, this could probably take anywhere from 30-60 minutes to cook.  It took mine about an hour, start to finish.

Place the cookie sheet in the oven, once it has browned all over (edges may burn just a bit) remove from oven.  Slide it onto a platter or plate, then flip back onto the cookie sheet, so the bottom is now the top.  Place back in the oven to brown the other side (10-15 minutes).

Remove and flip one more time.  Add your toppings and return to the oven until cheese is melted.  About 5-10 minutes.

Dough recipe from Healthy Bread in 5 Minutes a Day

This was such a simple dough recipe to throw together, and it can make up to four loaves of bread, and keeps for up to 2 weeks in the refrigerator, and longer in the freezer. 🙂

I did try to use this to make whole wheat sandwich bread, but, of course, it didn’t rise right for me.  The first rise was great.  The second rise is the one that usually doesn’t seem to work out. 

However, when I used it to make this pizza, it was delicious! 

5 1/2 c whole wheat flour
2 c AP flour
1.5 T (2 packages) granulated yeast
1 T kosher salt
4 T vital wheat gluten
4 c lukewarm water (about 100 degrees F)

Pizza Toppings:
Prosciutto, sliced into small pieces
Mushrooms, quartered
Artichoke hearts, chopped
Marinara Sauce
Fresh mozzarella, shredded

In a large mixing bowl or storage container, mix together the dry ingredients.  Then mix in the wet.  Don’t overmix, you just want all the dry ingredients to be mixed in. (You can use a stand mixer if you like, or just use a spoon.)

Cover loosely with the lid to the container, plastic wrap or a towel.  Allow it to rise for about 2 hours at room temperature.  The dough will rise, and then collapse to be flat on top.

Place in the refrigerator, loosely covered for the first 2 days, for up to 14 days.

On baking day, pull off about 1/4 of the dough.  Prep all of your ingredients and preheat the grill on low heat.  This cooks fairly quickly on the grill, so you need to have everything ready to go.  Lightly coat grill in olive or canola oil to prevent sticking. (I just use a paper towel and put on a very light coating.)

On a pizza peel if you have one (I use the back of my large wooden cutting board), sprinkle some corn meal to prevent sticking, and roll out dough to about 1/8″ thick.

Slide dough onto grill and leave for about 3-4 minutes.  You may need to turn it (not flip) it once to grill evenly.

Take all toppings to the grill, and flip the crust.  Layer on your toppings then close the lid.  Grill for another 4-5 minutes (again you may have to turn for even grilling) until cheese begins to melt.  You may not get it to melt the entire way – you want to be sure you don’t burn the crust.

Remove from grill, slice and enjoy!

I’ve made pizza on a tortilla once before.  It’s a really good, quick and easy way to get the flavors of pizza when you don’t have any pizza dough, or the time to make it. 🙂

I had some rotisserie chicken from the weekend, and I found some BBQ sauce in the fridge – so I decided to do a BBQ chicken version.  This was really good!  And I love how quickly it’s done!

I’m not putting ingredient amounts – it’s all about your preference and how many ‘pizzas’ you are making.  You can definitely play around with ingredients – use different cheese, maybe add some peppers or spinach (or arugula).  Use your favorite flavors! 🙂

Whole wheat tortillas
Cooked chicken, cubed or shredded
Chopped onion
BBQ sauce
Sliced mushrooms
Minced garlic
Mozzarella cheese

Preheat oven to 350.

Lightly spray a cookie sheet or baking sheet with cooking spray.  Lay your tortillas on the sheet.

In a skillet, cook the onions until almost cooked through.  Add the chicken with just enough BBQ sauce to coat, and cook until chicken is heated through.

Spread BBQ sauce on the tortillas, and then sprinkle on the garlic.  Top tortillas with chicken/onion mixture, mushrooms and cheese.

Bake for about 8-10 minutes.  Until cheese is melted and tortilla starts to crisp up.  Keep an eye on it as it cooks to make sure it’s not overdone.

I got the idea for tortilla pizza from an Ellie Krieger recipe for tortilla pizza.  And I figured I’d see what I had at home and pile on some toppings.

Honestly – I was surprised by how good this tasted.  But J and I loved it!  And it’s such a great way to use those extra tortilla shells that often go to waste.

I’m not going to put quantities, it’s up to your own tastes.

Whole wheat tortillas
Tomato paste
Garlic, minced
Shallot, minced
Tomato, diced
Mushroom, sliced
Mozzarella cheese, shredded
Parmesan cheese, shredded
Fresh basil leaves, torn

Spray a baking sheet with cooking spray and preheat oven to 300 degrees.

Set the tortilla on the sheet and spread on a layer of tomato paste.  Sprinkle on the garlic and shallot, and then the tomato and mushrooms.  Finally sprinkle the cheese over top.

Bake for about 20 minutes until cheese is melted and tortilla begins to crisp.  Remove from oven and top with torn basil leaves.

Cut into quarters and serve.

Dough recipe from What’s Cookin’ Chicago?

I love buffalo chicken pizza, and I’ve been wanting to make pizza on the grill for a while now.  I searched around for a dough recipe that looked good, and found this one from Joelen. 

It was delicious and really simple to make!  It was nice and crunchy from the grill.  J and I both loved this pizza!  I’ll definitely be making grilled pizza again.

When grilling pizza, make sure you have the toppings prepped and ready to go before placing the dough on the grill, because the dough only takes a couple of minutes to cook on each side.

1 (.25 ou) package active dry yeast
1 c warm water (110 degrees F)
1 c bread flour
1 c all-purpose flour
1 t salt
2 t sugar
Cornmeal (for rolling dough)

Combine the yeast and warm water in a small bowl and let sit for about 10 minutes, until mixture is creamy.

In the bowl of your stand mixer, combine the dry ingredients with the paddle attachment.  Slowly pour in the yeast mixture until dough forms a ball and pulls away from the sides.  At this point, switch to the dough hook.

Knead with the dough hook for about 5-7 minutes, until dough is smooth and forms a nice ball.

Remove dough and lightly grease the bowl.  Return dough to bowl and cover and let rise for about 1 hour, until doubled in size.  Or, preheat oven to 200 while kneading dough.  Turn off oven when ready and place bowl (covered with plastic wrap) in oven for about 30 minutes, until doubled in size.

Preheat grill to medium heat.  Clean and then oil grill grates to prevent sticking.

When dough is ready, place it on the back of a cutting board or flat (no sides) cookie sheet sprinkled with cornmeal.  (I actually cut dough in half to make 2 thin crust pizzas).  Roll dough to desired thickness. (My pizzas were slightly odd shaped – I definitely need to learn how to do the dough toss. :p )

Brush dough with olive oil on one side, and place, oil side down, on the grill for about 2-4 minutes, until bubbles begin to form on top.

Move dough back to cookie sheet or cutting board, grill side down.  Brush non-grilled side with olive oil, then flip.  Place desired toppings and return the pizza to the grill.  Grill for another 2-4 minutes, until bottom is lightly browned and cheese is melted.

Buffalo Chicken Toppings 
(May need doubled for 2 pizzas)
1 lb shredded or cubed cooked chicken
1/2 c Frank’s Red Hot
1 T butter
3 T finely chopped onion
Mozzarella, shredded
Blue cheese crumbles

In a small saucepan melt butter, then add the onion until soft and translucent.  Add the Frank’s Red Hot and chicken.  Mix to coat all chicken pieces and remove from heat.

When topping pizza, sprinkle on some mozzarella and blue cheese (desired amounts), then, with a slotted spoon, place the chicken on the pizza.  Top with more mozzarella, and dashes of Frank’s Red Hot (if desired).

Cook until cheese is melted.  Serve with Ranch or Blue Cheese Dressing if desired.

Inspired by Annie’s Eats

I saw this Chicken Pesto Pizza on Annie’s Eats and thought it sounded great so I decided to throw some together myself. I was pretty disappointed. It probably would’ve been so much better with homemade pesto (what I bought wasn’t that great) and dough, but I was feeling lazy. Maybe I’ll try it again when I have more time.

1 can pizza dough (I just bought some Pilsbury)
About 2 c pesto
1/2-3/4 lb chicken, grilled w/ s&p
7-10 cherry tomatos, sliced into quarters
1 artichoke heart, sliced
1 c mozzarella cheese, shredded

Preheat oven to 400.

Roll out the pizza dough and spread on the pesto. Sprinkled with the chicken, tomatos, artichoke and cheese.

Place on a pizza stone or pan dusted with cornmeal. Place in the oven for about 13-15 minutes, until crust is a light golden brown.

Cut and serve.